Galentine's Day: 3D Chocolate Hearts

Galentine's Day 3D Chocolate Hearts
Valentine's Day 3D Chocolate Hearts
Ah, Valentine's Day. That glorious time of year where you're either showered with love and gifts or badly warbling along to Single Ladies in your pants. 
Naaah. As strong, independent women (yes, that is another Beyonce song - but, damn, that lady knows what I'm talking 'bout) we don't need to fall into the media's stereotypical portrayal of single girls* on V-Day. I say we cast aside our crazy cat lady personas and Leslie Knope this place up, Galentine's Day style. 

To celebrate the best day in February - Pancake Day a close second, of course - I've put together an easy chocolate DIY; hand these sweet hearts out to your closest gal pals or make them together at your G-Day celebrations. Warning: sprinkles are applied liberally. 

*Married, engaged & partnerfied women are also welcome, obvs. We're an inclusive group around these parts.
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