The Best Of Etsy: Floral Fun

The Best Of Etsy - Spring Floral Edition The Best Of Etsy - Spring Floral Edition
The Best Of Etsy - Spring Floral Edition The Best Of Etsy - Spring Floral Edition
The Best Of Etsy - Spring Floral Edition The Best Of Etsy - Spring Floral Edition

I thought I'd kick off my brand spankin' new blog with the first in a series of my favourite Etsy items of the mo', which is easier said than done when you're a self-confessed Etsy addict.

I should probably declare right here that I check out the site everyday and add to my wish list everyday... several times a day. Etsy is a cornucopia of trinkets and treasures, that despite its loveliness, can cause a hella' load of damage to my bank account. But in the spirit of showing self-restraint and as much willpower as I can muster I've looked towards warmer months & chosen just six spring-themed picks to peruse at your pleasure.

Let's begin with a simple question, what's cooler than a hipster hanging planter from Jo Lucksted? Not much, let me tell you. This little lady is super sassy with hoops in her ears, rosy cheeks and you guessed it, a flower in her hair. Adorbs.
Or perhaps these teeny tiny air plants float your boat; they're perfect if you're short on space & are guaranteed to add the cute factor. Most importantly, they are a doddle to look after - aka the beginners dream.
If your fingers aren't that green and you're likely to kill a cactus (I'll put my hands up to that one) then maybe a print is more your thang. A dainty rooftop garden by In My Backyard, Yelena Bryksenkova's beautiful flower pressing girl or a set of terrarium postcards will all do the trick, and no need to get the watering can out.
What with living in England there's no guarantee spring will ever, y'know... spring, so it might be an idea to wear a hint of the next season instead and I think a statement brooch from AndSmile is the prettiest way to do it!

What Etsy pieces are you loving right now?
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  1. I'm off to pin all the Jo Lucksted stuff in the world because I'm having a cute overload over here.

    1. It's so cute isn't it?! Def need to buy all of the hanging planters :) Liv x


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