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The Best Of Etsy - Silver Crescent Moon Pendant Necklace The Best Of Etsy - Moon Dream Catcher
The Best Of Etsy - Moon Phase Box The Best Of Etsy - Moon Phases Illustrated Art Print
The Best Of Etsy - Moon Return Address Stamp The Best Of Etsy - Mystic Double Moon Bangle
https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/88782204/moon-and-stars-art-print-elegant-paper?ref=shop_home_active_4 The Best Of Etsy - Moon Night Landscape
What with Etsy being the best thing to ever happen to my home (and the worst thing to ever happen to my bank account) I thought I'd better write up another Best Of Etsy post quick sharp, and after trawling through the bottomless pit that is my favourites I noticed a celestial theme emerging. What can I say, I'm a big fan of that big ol' orb in the sky.

So let us dive right into this waxing and waning bad boy, starting with that killer necklace from Hearts & Gems. Handmade, boho chic and available at a knock-down price of £8 - yup you heard right, eight smackeroonies. Need I say more? Pair it with a mystical moon bangle from Indigo Black Jewellery and you've got all your lunar bases covered.

Now we all love a good, old fashioned piece of wall art and Miss Quite Contrary takes it to the next level with this super sweet silhouette of the night sky. It is quite literally both good and old fashioned. If you're thinking 'Hey, I like where this is going but what I really want is ALL of the moon phases', then worry not Greedy - Etsy's got your back. The Lovely Drawer can tick all of your boxes with an adorable illustrated print or head on over to Northern Vixen for a beautifully hand-burnt box, perfect for all your trinkets.

For a more unique take on decorating your walls try out Ffufland's dreamy wooden night landscape - all the fun of art without the faffy frame - or if you're having a bit of a 'mare then Making Things Happen can keep it sweet with a one-of-a-kind dreamcatcher.
This last one's for all the stationery addicts and is guaranteed to make your post pretty as a picture. I may have DIY'd some stamps last week (shameless plug) but this personalised stamp from Native Bear is summin' else.

What d'ya think? Do you have a favourite? I couldn't possibly choose, they're all too pretty *cries into purse*...

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  1. I LOVE moon themed things too! The artwork is really beautiful, and I wouldn't say no to that wooden box either :)

    Jessthetics xx

    1. You have excellent taste... ;) Liv x


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